• The Weekly Bite – April 12, 2019—Issue 2323

    16th April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All This week will be a short one because of Easter Friday. Brian has been planning what he will be doing at the Centre during the Easter break because we want to make the best use of time. We have been thinking about the men’s change room renovations for months and have finally decided… Read more »

  • Are you a Diabetic? Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational

    10th April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    For information about this FREE government funded course, click the below link: Beat It Flyer Bald Hills 2019

  • The Weekly Bite – April 5, 2019—Issue 2322

    8th April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All By the end of this month, I should be cleared to start some structured strength work rather than just focusing on improving the range of movement in my right shoulder. It has been 5 months now since I had major surgery to reattach my rotator cuff muscles after my spectacular fall in the Kimberley’s… Read more »

  • What can be achieved with the right help!

    3rd April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    It always boils down to “How much do you care about me” not “How much do you know”! Team member Barbara tailoring Karen Heath’s program After a recent slip and fall at home I can testify to the amazing benefits of resistance training, as part of an excellent all-round program, maintaining bone density, and also… Read more »

  • Healthy Weight Challenge Graduates!

    3rd April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

      The January/February Healthy Weight Challenge group have celebrated the successful completion of their course.   They presented course co-ordinator, Petrina, with thank you flowers. The next Healthy Weight Challenge is scheduled for May Enquire at Reception to book your place today!

  • Healthy Weight Challenge Participant

    3rd April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Healthy Weight Challenge My Monday mornings could not have been spent more profitably …. Petrina’s Healthy Weight Challenge course challenged me from the start to address a range of activities in my life for a better outlook on the future.  Not only planning to eat more thoughtfully, but also understanding the good and bad elements… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – March 29, 2019 – Issue 2321

    3rd April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All Congratulations to all graduates from the Healthy Weight Challenge Group who finished their course in a high note. Fantastic effort all round and thank you for recognising Petrina (and Nessa!) by presenting them with the most beautiful flowers last Monday.  A group of us went out to a Mini-Expo at IRT Bracken Ridge,… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – March 22, 2019—Issue 2320

    26th March, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All Congratulations to all of you whom have been participating in the Healthy Weight Challenge. You have been so dedicated to making changes and you should be really proud of your commitment to yourself, to Petrina, side kick Nessa and to the group.  Monday, this week, will be your final session and then it… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – March 15, 2019—Issue 2319

    19th March, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All It is amazing how many people live with pain, not just intermittent pain created by some incident, but chronic pain from parts of the body that are not as functional as they could be. If this resonates with you, we may have a few answers for you that will make all the difference… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – March 8, 2019—Issue 2318

    11th March, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All You should have received our monthly E newsletter by now. It would have come out to your email address this week.  Many members believe that the electronic newsletter has the same content as the weekly hardcopy version and they don’t realise that the weekly in-house newsletter contains matters pertinent to attending members whereas… Read more »