• Alondra Retire Well Event

    19th August, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall
  • The Weekly Bite – August 16, 2019—Issue 2340

    19th August, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All So many of our members have either down sized already or are thinking about what they might down size to in the future so when I was trying to decide what topic might be a good one for another light luncheon event I thought it might be a good opportunity to introduce a… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – August 9, 2019—Issue 2339

    12th August, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All There is so much going on behind the scenes at Green Apple, mostly exciting, that I want to share it all with you. Some of them are transitional changes that will affect some members and everything is being organised to minimise any disruption to your usual Green Apple service.  First, we say farewell… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – August 2, 2019—Issue 2338

    5th August, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Awesome time had by all! Green Apple Social Club Xmas in July Bus Trip   “Thirty one members joined our hired bus to Mt Mee and the lovely Birches Restaurant. It was a perfect day and just cool enough for the fire place to be lit to give atmosphere. We had a traditional Christmas dinner… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – July 26, 2019—Issue 2337

    29th July, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    I have been seeing many fellow total knee replacement members recently and because I know member “Margaret” has had a recent knee replacement, I was interested in her progress report.  I wrote to Margaret saying “We plan to put a little article in the newsletter and since I am seeing a lot of people pre… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – July 19, 2019—Issue 2336

    22nd July, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hello All Can you help? We are looking for people who will qualify for a very new pilot project being rolled out by the accreditation body for Exercise Physiologists, ESSA.  The government has provided funding to support the initiative to help people over 65+ become more active. Green Apple is one of the first venues… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – July 12, 2019—Issue 2335

    15th July, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All What a mighty response to our appeal for plants! So many of you have responded so generously and we hope you will enjoy the beautification project John is planning.  Xmas in July event: just a reminder to all of us going, that our money for the trip is due before or on July… Read more »

  • Are you finding it difficult to lose weight? Want to increase energy levels?

    8th July, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle (HEAL) Course COURSE OVERVIEW The HEAL course is designed to empower participants to make educated decisions about the relationship between their eating and exercise habits. During this time participants discover what food/ exercise their body needs for optimal health and weight. A primary aim of the course is to encourage… Read more »

  • Do you have sore knees? Are you having knee surgery?

    8th July, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT WORKSHOP  COURSE OVERVIEW Total Knee Replacement (TKR), also known as Total Knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain and disability.  It is most commonly performed for osteoarthritis, and also for other knee diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.  This… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – July 5, 2019—Issue 2334

    8th July, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All Last week Sunny, Bridie, Tiffany and I all watched an extended Webinar that was obligatory for anyone intending to deliver a new government sponsored program for the 65plus cohort. The Webinar was delivered by ESSA, the registration body for Exercise Physiologists, which has been successful in gaining the grant money for the project. … Read more »